General Conditions

General conditions Dolls Department 25

To these General Conditions and agreement Dutch law applies, to the exclusion of the Vienna Sales Convention (of 11 April 1980).

If there are any changes in these General Conditions, these will be listed below; which section contains the change and when it has been changed.


Date: June 13, 2014

Section(s):    5.3 and 6.1

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Section 1. Definition

Buyer or customer is the person who pays money to obtain a product and/or service from Dolls Department 25 and who will be named as such in the remainder of these conditions. 
The company named Dolls Department 25 and vice versa.
General conditions after this also named Conditions.
Written agreement all agreements put down on paper, these include any agreement(s) which is/are put down on paper (sent by mail or fax machine) or sent digitally as PDF document (via e-mail). On safety grounds SMS messages will be excluded (mobile telephones can easily be used by non-authorised persons).

Section 2. Ordering

2.1 When placing an order with Dolls Department 25 you agree with these Conditions. 
2.2 You place your order through the order procedure on our website. You may open a personal account by registering on our website. We will treat all (personal) data with greatest confidentiality and will only use them to process your order and possibly to make you an offer at a later stage or inform you about changes in our web store. Your (personal) data will not be given to third parties in whatever format if they have not been involved in the processing of your order. Your personal date will never be sold by Dolls Department 25.
2.3 Dolls Department 25 reserves the right to refuse orders with motivation or to associate special conditions to the delivery. If your order is not accepted or if it cannot be processed for another reason, you will be informed within 7 working days after placing the order. If you have already paid for the order we will refund the full amount of the article which is not available or the complete order if applicable.
2.3.1 If payment has not been done in full, or if the amount paid is not correct Dolls Department 25 reserves the right not to deliver the goods. Only when the correct payment has been done in full, Dolls Department 25 will place your order or deliver the goods.
2.4 Your order is valid when you paid the full amount for the goods in advance (applicable to international orders and national orders), or when you have at least paid 50% of the total amount, the order will consequently be sent C.O.D (Cash on Delivery). The remaining amount and the fee of sending C.O.D are settled with the TNT employee. All fees incurred by sending C.O.D. are for the account of the customer. Sending goods C.O.D. is only possible in The Netherlands, exclusive of P.O. Box addresses. Customers outside the Netherlands may use the other types of payment and delivery offered.
2.4.1 If you want to receive your order C.O.D, you can indicate this in the white text box on the order form. We will contact you about the costs concerning sending the order C.O.D. If you do not agree with the incurred costs you can choose another type of delivery.
2.5 It is not possible to cancel an order without reason, an exception to this is the decease of the customer and the death certificate must be shown. In case of decease of the customer the full amount will be refunded on the condition that the ordered goods have not been sent yet, or if the order is returned at the cost of the legal representative in original and undamaged condition together with the original invoice.
See section 5, point 3 concerning return of goods during the approval period.Not applicable to international orders.

Section 3. Special offers/other agreements

3.1 All offers of Dolls Department 25 are free of obligation. Dolls Department 25 reserves the right to change prices especially when this is necessary based on (Legal) regulations.
3.2 Furthermore Dolls Department 25 has the right to change prices which are subject to rises based on for example the changing (world) economy. Included are the necessary rate of exchange adaptations, because most of the products are imported from non-EU-countries. Goods already ordered and paid for are excluded from this as are prices which have been established and agreed upon differently in writing.
3.2.1 Dolls Department 25 reserves the right to implement a price increase/price increases if adverse effects (created by changes in exchange rates, adapted laws, and the increased prices for raw materials) for the company can be prevented.
3.3 The prices mentioned for goods on offer or services are in Euro, inclusive of VAT and exclusive of postage costs, and other taxes and/or fees, unless mentioned otherwise or agreed upon in writing. All postage costs are for the account of the customer, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.
3.4 Any quotations or special offers to the customer are without any obligations and neither bind the customer nor Dolls Department 25 to anything. However, if the customer accepts the quotation or special offer in writing, then there is a legally binding agreement which both the customer and Dolls Department 25 must observe.

Section 4. Payment


All payments must be made in Euro's!!

4.1 Payment can be done through bank transfer(*),  PayPal, credit cards (MastterCard and VISA) and for inhabitants of The Netherlands there's the possibility for iDeal (if your Dutch bank offers this facility). You always pay in advance to the delivery the full 100% or 50% in advance and the remaining 50% when sending COD (charge on delivery - only for deliveries within The Netherlands). 
We have Sisow as our gateway business to garantee the best safety facilities on payments through iDeal and keep your personal information save.  (*)only within Europe for the following countries available: Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland and North Ireland, Greece, France, Hungary, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourgh, Malta, Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Latvia, Estonia, Suomi, Spain and Sweden.
4.2 Any PayPal fees are for 3.5% of the total amount on the account of the customer. When you choose this option Dolls Department 25 will send you a PayPal invoice which lists all costs.

PayPal enables you to pay through different means; from the balance on your PayPal account, transfer through your bank to PayPal and through your credit card.
4.3 Is about COD (within The Netherlands) and does not apply to international orders.

Section 5. Delivery, approval period and return of goods

5.1 The delivery times given on the website are only indicative. You will receive your order as soon as possible. Bear in mind that orders concerning Ball Jointed Dolls(*) usually take a considerable amount of time ( longer than 6 weeks is possible), because they only start production after you place your order, or in case you ordered it: because the doll also has to receive a face-up or body blush. This is a custom-made product.
5.2 TNT will deliver the parcel.
5.2.1 Your order is delivered the moment the articles are presented on the indicated delivery address.
5.3 Applicable to inhabitants of Europe only;The approval period of your ordered articles is 14 days. Within this period you may return the order or one of the articles without giving a reason. If you want to return only one/some or a smaller article, you must contact Dolls Department 25 to agree on the correct way of sending. In case of custom-made products made on special request of the customer noapproval period applies (see section 5, point 1).
5.4 Check the supplied articles immediately upon receipt. Any defects should be reported in writing or by telephone to Dolls Department 25 at the latest within 10 working days.
5.5 As soon as Dolls Department 25 has received your returned order or article(s) in unopened and undamaged packaging (this does not apply to the cover box or transport box), you will be refunded or the article(s) will be swapped for the same article(s) which are correct, provided that you observed the return instructions as laid down by Dolls Department 25 and that you also observed the set period of time. The postage costs for the returning the articles are always for the account of the customer, except this was agreed upon otherwise in writing by Dolls Department 25. Postage costs for returning articles are always excluded from refunding.

Section 6. Payment in instalments

6.1 Is possible but limited. Read about it here.

Section 7. International orders

7.1Payment through Paypal is possible, be aware that Paypal fees will be on customers account for 3.6% of the total amount. All currency costs are for the account of the customer if they may occur.Payment by credit card will be through Moneybookers no fee applies for now. 
Or if prefered one can make a credit card payment through Paypal, a fee of 3.6% applies on the total amount.

Section 8. Discount coupons

8.1 Every coupon to be redeemed once and can't be exchanged for cash money. The order placed has to be at least € 25,00 for a total amount of the ordered items thus shipping not included.

Section 9. Top Shopper account

9.1  To become a Top Shopper: Register yourself and order for 200.00 euros on items or more (shipping costs excluded) and become a Top Shopper immediately!
Or order several times untill you reach the total of 200.00 euros (shipping costs excluded).
Now you will always get (starting with your next order, no matter the amount) the best prices for an unlimited time!

You will profit as a Top Shopper from the following offers:

  • Always 5 % discount in de webshop and at conventions (don't forget to mention your customer number) and also on top of every (special) offer!
  • It won't expire as long as you are registered,
  • Is for free without any purchase obligation.
  • and we will offer even more specials that we are thinking of at the moment and will mention to you as soon as they're ready to release.



The customer can claim no rights to the way Dolls Department 25 runs its business and when they maintain the General Conditions as leniently as possible forced by the situation. Dolls Department 25 always has the intention to apply the above mentioned conditions.

(*) Ball Jointed Dolls will always be sent insured, the extra costs are for the account of the international customer. Only when delivery will be within The Netherlands, Dolls Department 25 will pay for the extra amount to send it insured.