Elastic cord (for dolls)

Most of the time 3 meters will be suficient for a doll of 42cm-63cm or less for a smaller one.

The cross-section should be chosen by comparing it with the holes in the body of the doll to be sure it all will fit. Please mind the heavyness of the doll because thin elastic cord will give you a floppy doll and it will not pose well or at all. 
Be sure to pull the elastic enough to prevent it to become floppy.

When the arms and or legs have difficulty to strech them (quite common among BJDs) than the elastic might be too tight.

To pull the elastic through the body, arms and legs you will need a "puller" to get it through the narrow holes (although some say that a strong piece of ribbon or small rope with enough length does the trick as well). To have the elastic stay put temporarily while working on the doll, you need forceps to do it safely.  The best thing to do this, is having assistance to prevent damage to your doll or even worse; yourself due to the tence of the elastic when it has slipped out of your hand. Which might occur while working and not having "enough hands" yourself.

Cord elastic 1.1mm white

Round elastic white with cross-section 1.1mm to restring very small dolls or to use while knitting. Also great to make art pieces of beads that will always fit! 

€ 0,29
Elastic cord 2 mm for dolls
Elastic cord 2 mm for dolls

2 mm cross-section
3 meters length needed for a doll 42 cm - 63 cm and less for smaller doll
colour is white
Sold per meter.
€ 0,59
Elastic cord 3mm white
Elastic cord 3mm white

Elastic cord 3mm cross-section white.

To restring dolls like ball jointed dolls (ABJDs) and antique dolls or repro dolls.
Sold per meter.
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€ 0,65
Elastic cord 4mm white
Elastic cord 4mm white

Round elastic with cross-section 4mm in white.

Cord elastic for dolls to (re-)string them. Splendid for ball jointed dolls (BJD), antique dolls and reproductions.
Sold per meter.

€ 0,95