Layaway - Pay in installments

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We are pleased to offer you the opportunity of payment in installments. We are confident you will take our layaway rules below into consideration.

Layaway means that you can place an order and pay in installments. We reserve your order until you have paid for it in full. Then we will ship your full order immediately, no partial shipments will be made.

How to choose the Layaway option:

Choose Account from the payment methods during the ordering process. In the process there will be a text box in which you have to indicate if you like to make payments following our installments schedule related to the height of the amount or if you prefer a special agreement.

As soon as you have finished ordering (you do not have to pay here) we will receive your order.  Upon receipt of your order we send you the agreement for layaway with the installments schedule, wait for your confirmation of the agreement and reserve all the ordered items for you.

Our Layaway schedule:
  1. With an order amount of 75.00 Euros through 100.00 Euros you pay in 3 installments in 3 months. Every month on a fixed date  a payment must have been made.
  2. With an order amount of 100.00 Euros through 800.00 Euros you have to pay in 4 installments in 4 months. Every month on a fixed date a payment must have been made.

The shipping costs are included in the above mentioned installments.

Upon receipt of your order with the indication Account and, if applicable, your preference for a matching amount/installments period, we will inform you how and when to make a payment with the exact amount for that term.

5 days before the term ends you will receive from us:
  • When you live in the Netherlands and have a Dutch bank account and prefer to pay via iDeal; a link to pay with iDeal  through our webshop.
  • Or applicable when living in the Netherlands  or outside the Netherlands: an e-mail message with a payment request to make a bank transfer.
  • When living outside the Netherlands and preferring Paypal; we send you a Paypal payment request from which you can transfer an instant payment.
Layaway terms and conditions of Dolls Department 25:
  1.  You always make a deposit of 20% of the general total. We need your payment to be received by us within 7 working days, this starts to count from the invoice date.
  2.  As soon as we have received the deposit, you agree with our layaway terms and conditions or with the layaway agreement custom made on your request and with our consent. You then also  agree with our General Conditions. If you cannot agree on something mentioned in any of our regulations please do not place an order.
  3. The maximum limit on layaways is 800 Euros with shipping costs included.
  4.  A custom payment plan can be arranged in some cases. You have to notify us about your wish prior to ordering and contact us via our e-mail address
  5.  The items ordered by you will be held for you or will be specially ordered for you and stay in our possession until the invoice is paid for in full. When you have made all payments within the agreed period, we will ship your complete order at once.
  6. When living and ordering in the Netherlands there is a legal term of 14 days to observe the item. Within this term you are allowed to cancel the order or change it without loosing deposit for items that are in stock at the time you placed your order. After this term the same terms and conditions for Layaway apply as to everyone that are living and ordering outside the Netherlands.
  7. PRE-ORDER(S) on Layaway cannot be canceled or changed and have to be paid for in full when we have already ordered them/it for you with one of our suppliers/manufacturers. This applies to every pre-order no exceptions! There will be no refund because it concerns a custom made item and/or we ordered it especially on your request. Also the legal term of 14 days to reconsider your purchase does not apply in this case to pre-orders that have been ordered for you.
  8. Point 6 and 7 mean that all payments made by you to us will remain to be ours if you decide to cancel the order or are not making (the correct) payments as agreed upon. Further more no other service will be given nor any delivery made as compensation for your payments.
  9. If for some reason you cannot pay one of more installments anymore, you will notify us about this instantly before the term ends. You can inform us about it by letter or e-mail. If this condition is not met, every payment made will be forfeited and the items will be put back in stock.
    In extraordinary circumstances we can make another agreement but you have to respond swiftly and accurately to our communication/e-mails.
To pay for an installment through our Layaway plan goes as follows:
  • When living in the Netherlands:
    through iDeal, you will receive an e-mail that tells you how and where you can make the payment through our webshop. Only possible for Dutch residents with a Dutch bank account with a bank that offers iDeal services.
  • With a bank transfer for everybody with a bank account throughout the World that offers international bank transfers (all costs that may arise from these transfers are on the buyers account). Please keep in mind the working days necessary for the transfer to be executed so you will not exceed the due date!
  • Through Paypal, accepted are all Paypal options for payment like Paypal funds and credit cards etc. We do ask a fee of 5.00 Euros for each payment made when following our Layaway plan regardless the height of the amount. Per term you will receive an e-mail from us with a link to make the payment preferably before (with a bank transfer) or on the agreed due date.